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AI In The Recruitment Process

September 20, 2023

A client we once helped began by complaining, “Our customers don’t follow our processes.”

For customers, at least, processes should be like vending machines. They do not need to know what makes all the sounds as the soft drink drops. I don’t have the source at hand, but a here is great and relevant quote: “Customers do not need to know what does on behind the door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY.”

To some extent, this attitude should be extended to employees. How hard is it to schedule shift swaps? Vacation days? Of course, this is a big selling point for the latest HR automation tools.

However, AI classification algorithms sort resumes, not people. In my quality management classes, I have taught and reminded participants that: “The Measure is not the Metric”. 

Like any automation attempt:

1. You must understand in principle how to perform the work manually if AI is to be successful.

2. You must periodically audit the automated process from the ground up. 

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