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Tactical Management in Business

May 13, 2020

Often a difference in degree should be viewed as a difference in kind, and there are two fundamentally different kinds of decisions, metrics and activities in business management.

We call those management activities that are constrained by current staffing, facilities, technology and operational budget: “Tactical Management”. Tactical Management works to maximize an operation’s ability to deliver value, within the constraint of available means.

In contrast, “Strategic Management” provides a context for tactical decisions. Strategic decisions are focused on achieving goals in the face of risk. Green-lighting new products, approving staff increases and making major technology purchases are primarily strategic decisions that can fundamentally change the nature or purpose of the business.

Businesses prosper when both strategic and tactical managers understand their scope of responsibility and the management concepts appropriate to the kinds of decisions that they must make.

Do you have a good “Tactical Management: vocabulary? Take a look at my book, “Thirty Seven Ideas For Tactical Managers”, for a thorough overview of the basic ideas and concepts every tactical manager should know.

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